[Global Montello Group Corp. and its subsidiaries and affiliates are collectively referred to herein as “we” or “us”]

  1. To become a Member, the customer must sign up for the Fleet/Pay As You Go Program by emailing [email protected]
    1. Upon receipt of the customer’s email, we will contact the customer via phone or email, discuss available service options, and create an account for the customer who will then become a Member.  The Member will then have access to his/her account at which time he/she will finish creating the account, which will include providing his/her credit card information.  As part of the registration process, the Member may choose among the available plans that best fit the Member’s needs.  Current Plans offered include Basic, Regular, Supreme, and Ultimate Wash (subject to change at our discretion).
    1. The Member must provide a valid credit card at the time of registration in the Fleet/Pay As You Go Program.  Member understands and agree that by participating in the Program, Member authorizes us to charge Member’s credit card account for each wash provided to vehicles participating in the Fleet/Pay As You Go Program.
  2. Upon completing the Fleet/Pay As You Go membership registration process, the Member will receive a membership RFID tag which will be installed and activated by the Fleet Wash Club Specialist.  Fleet/Pay As You Go RFID tags cannot be shared between multiple vehicles.
  3. The Member may not him/her/themselves transfer any RFID tag to another vehicle, as any attempt to do so by unauthorized personnel will damage the RFID tag and prevent it from operating.  The Member will be charged $10.00 for the replacement of a damaged RFID tag.
  4. The Member’s Membership is transferable to a different vehicle which is part of the Member’s fleet a maximum of one time per year free of charge.  The transfer must be completed by the Fleet Wash Club Specialist only and the Member will be charged a $10.00 transfer fee for each transfer thereafter (i.e., more than one per year).
  5. Limitations on participation in the Fleet/Pay As You Go Program:
    1. Vehicles must adhere to all height, width, and length requirements (may vary by location)
    1. In the event the Member uses the Fleet Program in any way inconsistent with these terms and condition, the Member’s membership in the Fleet Pay As You Go Program may be immediately voided.
    1. The Fleet/Pay As You Go Program is not available to individuals or families or for personal use.
    1. The Fleet Pay As You Go Program is available only for groups of motor vehicles owned or leased by a business, government agency or other organization (as opposed to an individual or family).
    1. Tampering with RFID tags may result in cancellation of the Member’s membership.
  6. Members may cancel their Membership at any time by logging into their account and following the prompts for cancellation.  In addition, Members may email [email protected] to cancel his/her/their Membership, provided that the Member acknowledges that such cancellation will not be effective until 7 days after our receipt of such email from the authorized account holder.  The Member must immediately notify us via email at [email protected] if there is any change in vehicle ownership.  We are not responsible for any charges incurred if the Member fails to so notify us and such notice shall not be effective (and the Member shall remain liable for any charges incurred) for a period of 7 days after our receipt of such email from the authorized account holder.
  7. Members may not combine participation in the Fleet/Pay As You Go Program with any other offers or discounts including, without limitation, promotions, coupons or gift cards.
  8. The Member acknowledges and agrees that the car wash services may not be available at any time(s) due to weather or maintenance and we reserve the right to close one or more locations due to inclement weather, holidays, equipment maintenance, and store upgrades.
  9. The Member acknowledges and agrees that we are not responsible for:
    1. Damage to loose or protruding equipment on the vehicle including, but not limited to, mirrors, trim, molding, emblems, light covers, wheel covers, center caps, bumpers, running boards, flaps, or bug deflectors;
    1. Damage to any “rack” devices such as luggage racks, bicycle racks or work racks;
    1. Damage to after-market parts or installations;
    1. Water damage from leaking due to damaged or unsecured open doors or windows including sunroofs;
    1. Damage to antennas that are not fully removed or lowered by Member, power antennas, antennas fins, or antennas that cannot be lowered or removed;
    1. Damage resulting from Member breaking or attempting to operate the vehicle in the tunnel or otherwise not adhering to the instructions posted at the car wash;
    1. Damage resulting from any automated system or feature on Member’s vehicle that may cause damage to Member’s vehicle or other vehicles;
  10. Any claims for damage to a vehicle must be made before the vehicle leaves the premises.  If damage occurs to the Member’s vehicle, the Member agree to obtain a minimum of two estimates, one of which shall be from a repair shop of our choosing.  Any work must be approved by us PRIOR to any work being started.
  11. If the Member wishes to view available reporting related to use, the Member should visit the “Manage My Account” tab on the Fleet Program website.
  12. The Member may limit the number of washes that each of the Member’s vehicles may receive by contacting the Fleet Wash Club Specialist.
  13. By enrolling in the Fleet Program, the Member gives permission to be contacted regarding account information, news, and offers via email or phone call.  Standard phone rates may apply.
  14. By purchasing any Membership, the Member expressly acknowledges and agrees that the Member and any driver of the vehicles associated with the Member’s Membership is bound by all of these terms and conditions. It is the Member’s responsibility to inform all drivers of these terms and conditions.
  15. We reserve the right in our sole discretion to suspend or terminate any Member’s participation in the Fleet/Pay As You Go Program at any time, including if the Member or any driver of any of the Member’s vehicle(s) do not comply with these terms and conditions.  We also reserve the right in our sole discretion to modify the terms and conditions of the Fleet/Pay As You Go Program or to terminate the Fleet/Pay As You Go Program at any time.